Logo 8 simple Reasons

Discover 8 Simple Reasons why your Logo is Failing

Wondering why your Logo is not bringing in business? Read these 8 Simple Reasons why

Logo no longer working?

If you believed that having a logo was going to make you the ultimate business women think again. Here are 8 reasons why your Logo is failing.

1. You didn’t consider your business

Yes, I know you love rainbows but if there is no connection with your business then why did you do it? Just because you like something doesn’t mean that your need to add it into your business. I love my husband but you don’t see his bearded mug in my logo do you?

2. Your logo looks like everyone else’s

You run an eco-friendly business, so you added green and trees. You run a girls’ clothing shop so it’s all pink and frilly. Urgh…

If you want your business to stand out don’t follow the crowd.

3. You “designed” it yourself

Well done you! You have zero experience in design, but you have managed to create something that designers like myself study for years. If I’d known that it was this easy, I would have saved myself a fuck load of money spent on University fees and additional learning.

4. You can’t read it

You decided to use script writing because it looks “pretty”. Great, but now no one can read what your business is called. But you’ve added green and trees…

5. It’s copyrighted

It was on the internet so you assumed it was free? Get ready with that lawyer then, because you are going to be getting one hefty lawsuit. And before you mutter “But I’m just a small business they won’t go after me” you are wrong. I watch all of my previous designs, so if I’m doing it I’m pretty sure that every other designer is doing it too.

6. You weren’t willing to pay “that much” for “just a logo”

Yes professional logo design costs “that much” and even more. We work our asses off to get the experience to design “just a logo” so we are definitely going to charge you for that (I refer you to point 3…).

7. Because you did it on Word

I’m not even….

8. You thought this was branding

Just no. Logo design is only a small part of branding and the last thing you should be doing in the branding process. If you skipped straight to the design side you have missed out a massive amount of work that is going to help you engage with your clients forever.

Now, if you are a real business woman can you start acting like one and get your branding done professionally?

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