"This is me!"

(Or it will be, when people know who I am… )

Present your business the way you want with our 1:1 service BrandUp

You are a female business owner who has been running your business for the last couple of years and loving it! You have proved that your service is needed and now you are ready for your business to make a real difference. 

But you are finding it hard to be memorable.

Regardless of how often you “show up” on social media, people STILL don’t know who you are. Your clients are not regular and you are unsure if your content is really attracting your dream client. 

You admit that maybe the logo you created when you started your business might need a bit of an update. But you simply don’t have time to focus on that AND everything else a business owner needs to do. 

“Katie is an absolute DREAM to work with! Her creative visions and technical capabilities are outstanding…I felt completely calm and stress-free throughout the process and felt further security knowing Katie was only a message away. The open communication has been brilliant. Incredible value for money and I would highly recommend her services!”

Kayleigh F

Owner, The International Retail Academy

Creating a Memorable business

Brand Identity Service the Digital Fixers, image of computer with the Digital Fixers logo displayed on top

With BrandUp our approach is to work with you. We won’t be forcing you into anything that doesn’t feel right to you and your business.

We can present you and your business to the world; working on how your audience feels when they interact with you,  and how it is recognised visually.

Through our work our clients gain confidence in themselves, their business, and create a regular income by only working with their dream clients.

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