Get the brand identity that you adore with our 1:1 service

BrandUp is our personalised brand identity service that will clarify and communicate your business and offering in a planned and consistent way. Through our service we can help you increase your sales, customer loyalty and ultimately make your mark.

You are a female entrepreneur who has been running her business for a few of years. You are getting used to the self-employed life and now ready to put your “big girl’s pants” on and run your business for real.

Your customers need your service and you know that…just as soon as they know who you are.

Helping others (whilst getting an income!) is one of your main aims but you are not sure how you will achieve this.

You know that you should work on your brand/branding (now you know it’s not just a logo…) and you are ready to ditch your Canva creation and take the leap into investing in the experts.

But you don't want to lose who you are.

YOU know your business inside and out and concerned that whoever you pick to help with your brand is going to push you into a direction that feels wrong.


Here at Keppel Leopard Creative, we know that originality sells. Our aim is to show you and your business in the way YOU want to present it, and we won’t stop until we get it right.


We hate being forced in the wrong direction (have you ever tried to force a Leopard?!) and whilst we will give you options and advice, we want you to feel confident about your brand.

Kayleigh's Story...

“Katie is an absolute DREAM to work with! Her creative visions and technical capabilities are outstanding…I felt completely calm and stress-free throughout the process and felt further security knowing Katie was only a message away. The open communication has been brilliant. Incredible value for money and I would highly recommend her services!”


Kayleigh F

Owner, The International Retail Academy

When Kayleigh came to us she had just been made redundant due to the pandemic. A few months before, she had moved her family to the Netherlands and had bought a house so she could start her new job.

Kayleigh had always wanted to own her own business but had never gotten the chance.

Her business idea was unique: helping people get careers in Retail through CV reviews, 1:1 coaching and offering team building workshops for retailers.

We worked on her entire brand and really focusing on how Kayleigh wanted the business to be positioned and received before creating the visuals to carry that message through her social media.

Since its launch Kayleigh’s business has gone from strength to strength. She has been invited to speak at a large industry conference as an expert and has helped over 600 people secure positions in retail.

The Service

The BrandUp service is incorporates both the strategy and design to ensure that you get a fully comprehensive and clear brand identity.



Brand Strategy is the main part of the branding process (and usually the bit that people miss out!). It gives your business a persona for your clients and followers to invest in at a deeper level than just a sale.

We help you establish your strategy and help you communicate it easily. The story of your business, why you do it and what you want to achieve is at its core. This allows your customers and followers to be emotionally invested in you and your business.

The scary niching demons (!) will be banished so that you are talking only to those YOU want to work with (and saving you money in marketing!)

We check out your competitors so you know your business is providing a service that no one else can offer.

And finally, we work with you to create a 3 month strategy plan to raise awareness of you, your business and brand.  


Starting from £1810

The design work you need will be based on your strategy, therefore you only invest in design work that is required for your brand.

Always included in the design work is a stylescape. This is a visual representation of your brand as a whole. It helps you decide the look and feel of your brand before creating each element. It also makes the design process a lot easier so you will be able to start using your new brand quicker!

You will get 3 options to choose from, which you can either mix the elements you like from all 3 or choose one that you adore.

Design elements

You will get 3 initial options to choose from.  Choose one that you love and tweak it, or take elements from all of them to create a new logo. It’s up to you!

You will receive your logo in digital and print form, in colour and black and white. 

Even if you have a website already we can review and make the changes so that you are 100% on brand. 

Initially we will start with looking at the customer journey through your website. Therefore ensuring they can get from initial engagement to purchase easily.

We create a site map to help plan how each of the website pages will be connected. A wireframe design will be created too so you can see how the website will look before working on the website itself.

Once complete, we offer 1 week “on-call” assistance so if any changes need to be done to your live site it can be done swiftly.  

*Please note that we do basic SEO. If this is something that you require please speak to us.

We ensure that you are promoting your brand whenever you are on social media and will provide you with 4 different social media post templates that can be uploaded into Canva.

This can be for as many platforms as you like. 

Branded presentation decks (slide show) will ensure that whenever you are showing your expertise that you are creating brand awareness too. You will get 1 set of presentation decks.

We can create branded documents to ensure that whether you are communicating internally or externally to your business that your brand is always displayed. This will include a letter head and cover page that you can use on any document.

We can create templated posters, flyers and banners so that you can promote your business and your brand offline. You will get 2 versions of each.

Network with confidence with your own branded business cards. You will get 3 options to choose from and once you are happy with the design we will arrange for them to be printed and sent to you.

The Digital Fixers Story...

Rebranding the Digital Fixers, the Visual Brand of the Digital Fixers

” We had often joked with Katie about our homemade logo, so when she was able to work with us last year to rebrand us fully we were over the moon. Katie gave us options based on us and our clients, and then worked with us to perfect it. Her advice really helped and now we are ready to take our business to the next level.”

Lesley & Nic

Founders of Digital Fixers

Lesley and Nic are tech geniuses when it comes to anything such as SEO, Googlies (their word, not mine!) and also regally good at giving you a kick up the backside once in a while!


Like many businesses  at the start, they put their Canva knowledge to use  and created the visual side of their brand identity. 


As their business became more prominent they realised that their brand was holding them back. Other businesses were using the same template designs as them and therefore it was diluting their brand awareness with their customers and followers. 


When Lesley and Nic came to us we went right back to beginning, really focusing on what make them and their business so unique. Once this was done, we created a bespoke brand design that really made them stand out. 


They have now have a brand that is recognisable instantly. So much so, they have trademarked it. 


Even if you are ready to take the next step in your business we know that 1:1 branding services can be a significant investment. We can help you keep your cashflow (and your accountant!) happy and split the cost of BrandUp into monthly payments.

What happens Next?

If you feel that we can help you make your mark we ask that you book a no obligation complimentary call with us.

This is a 30 minute call over zoom where you can meet us and chat further about your business and what you require. 

Our call days are usually on Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays however if these are not suitable for you please contact us and we can arrange a date and time that suits.


Nope. If you have a designer that you already know and work well with we are quite happy for you to use them to create the visual side of your brand. 

We only take on design work if you have a really strong brand strategy in place. Please get in touch with us and we will be happy to advise you what is the best option for you.

The branding process is different for everyone however on average our process can take around 5-6 months. 

Please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you have about our service

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