Is it Really an Award if you paid for it?

Award blog: yellow paper award ribbon on a blue background

It is Award season but if you have had to pay to enter, did you really win it? In my last year of school I was a candidate for the Head Girl. Every class had to put someone forward and I was the chosen one. I put my all into my speech, really thinking about […]

How Caterpillar Cakes can ruin your 130 year old brand

Make cakes not war neon sign caterpillar cakes brand by Katie blog

This is not just any old bake off… I love a little bit of brand trivia and this is a great one: So this Company started 130 years ago in the Kirkgate Market in Leeds. The owner was a Jewish immigrant, and created the slogan “Don’t ask the price, it’s a penny.” As his business […]

How to Create a Logo

How to create a logo Brand by Katie

Wondering how to create a logo for your business? Check out the first part of my process the initial sketch. It can sometimes be a little bewildering working out how to create a logo. So I have created this blog to show you my process – so you can go on to either create your […]

This Mother’s Day we Urgently Need to Discuss This

Mother's Day Brand by Katie Blog Post March 2021

This Mother’s Day, as so many mum’s were impacted by the pandemic, we NEED to talk about parenting This Sunday is Mother’s Day in the UK. The day when traditionally mother’s get cards, flowers, perhaps chocolates and maybe even more rare – 5 minutes peace. Since the last Mother’s Day there has been a significant […]

The trials and tribulations of being a female Bedroom Boss

Bedroom Boss Blog International Women's Day 2021

To celebrate International Women’s Day I reflect on my journey as a business owner. Today is International Women’s Day. Usually I wouldn’t make a point of honouring it but since becoming a business owner my feelings towards it have changed. My Business is run from the corner of my bedroom next to the window. I […]

Why Company values are incredibly important for your business brand

Put company values in place so you can stop being “Authentic” and start behaving like a real business owner Authentic. This has been the buzz word for the last two years. To be authentic. And I get it. It’s something that the well-known brands struggle with because they are big businesses. How can you be […]

Discover 8 Simple Reasons why your Logo is Failing

Logo 8 simple Reasons

Wondering why your Logo is not bringing in business? Read these 8 Simple Reasons why Logo no longer working? If you believed that having a logo was going to make you the ultimate business women think again. Here are 8 reasons why your Logo is failing. 1. You didn’t consider your business Yes, I know […]

Why I would be Happy to get a Hater

Haters and trolls. The nasty lurkers on the internet waiting for some hardworking soul to put their all into something , just so they can tear it to shreds with no reproach. I dislike the kind of people who partake in trolling. Especially, when it causes upset to the victim or impacts them permanently. That […]

Yesterday I lost my keys…

I lost my keys. The little (little) one loves keys, and so on Monday night I gave them to him to play with. Now NORMALLY I keep an eye on where he drops them. But for some reason that night I didn’t. Next morning I had managed to get both kids into coats and shoes. […]

The one thing that a female owned successful business invests in

successful business diary planner

If you want to have a successful business, you need to invest in your Brand. As an entrepreneur you want to have a successful business. You follow those who have made it and inspire you: the ones with the six-figure turnover and large house in the countryside. You dream of jetting off on your own […]