How to Create a Logo

How to create a logo Brand by Katie

Wondering how to create a logo for your business? Check out the first part of my process the initial sketch. It can sometimes be a little bewildering working out how to create a logo. So I have created this blog to show you my process – so you can go on to either create your […]

Discover 8 Simple Reasons why your Logo is Failing

Logo 8 simple Reasons

Wondering why your Logo is not bringing in business? Read these 8 Simple Reasons why Logo no longer working? If you believed that having a logo was going to make you the ultimate business women think again. Here are 8 reasons why your Logo is failing. 1. You didn’t consider your business Yes, I know […]

The Inconvenience of hiring a Logo Designer

Hiring a Logo Designer

Hiring a Logo Designer? Urgh! With their i-Macs* and their “casual look” that shows they have been working from home much longer than the pandemic. They just draw for a living, yet they seem to demand payment for their designs. Thank god for Canva! If you are still thinking of hiring a Logo Designer, then […]

Powerful Logo Design in 2020

A Logo can be a powerful part of your Brand Identity when used in conjunction with the rest of your brand. Logos is a staple requirement of a business; it is a great way to identity your business and is so versatile it can be used in a number of different ways. Like all of […]

What is a Brand Designer?

Branding FAQ light up question mark

A Brand Designer sounds nice, but what is it? Nowadays you can get some amazing job titles – Chocolate Taster and Bed Tester are on my bucket list to achieve but for now I am a Brand Designer. It sounds nice, it invites questions – but what the hell is it? Brand for Business I […]

Cheap Logo Design 2020

Cheap Logo Design artist doodling

Why it’s okay to get a cheap logo design, but if you believe in your business you shouldn’t The graphic design industry is over saturated. If you accidently utter the “d” word under your breath (design) chances are you will get over a hundred of us pitching for work. Cheap logo design, flyer design, website […]

The Simple Reason why you should invest in small business branding

Is branding your small business worth the investment? My answer is always going to be yes but here is an example why At the beginning of lockdown I was one of those parents: the one that looked like they had their shit together. I created a timetable in Excel, colour coded it and ensured that […]