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Cheap Logo Design 2020

Why it’s okay to get a cheap logo design, but if you believe in your business you shouldn’t

The graphic design industry is over saturated. If you accidently utter the “d” word under your breath (design) chances are you will get over a hundred of us pitching for work.

Cheap logo design, flyer design, website design or any design is commonplace in the industry. As the competition to get a commission is high, many designers resort to lowering their fee instead of charging according to their experience, skill and knowledge.

For a while I was annoyed. It devalues our industry and reinforces the idea that any Tom, Dick or Harry can do what I do. And although all of that is true I have recently made my peace with it.

So why the change in opinion?

Starting a business is a risk. You don’t know if your idea will work and you are constantly battling the naysayers “really? You’re running your own business? Don’t you want a real job?” Figures show that 60% of startup businesses will go bust within three years.

It is also a time when money is tight. And, as much as you would like the marketing budget of Coca Cola or Nike the chances are you are barely scraping a wage together.

Visual identity is key to being noticed in your industry – and that is where the cheap logo design comes to the rescue. It’s simple, it’s quick, it does exactly what it says on the tin. Perfect for your start-up.

I believe in my business

Brand design – good brand design – is an investment. It is an investment that cements your thoughts that your business is not going to fold.

“I can invest in this as I believe in me and my business”.

Good brand design understands your business, your audience and your industry. You are paying for x amount of years’ that a designer has committed to learn about brand design.

My services aren’t cheap, but they are not expensive either (and I offer payment plans). My clients know that for the money they are investing is not going to pay for an ill conceived design made in Canva.

So yes, I encourage you to go ahead and get your cheap logo design. But, if you really believe in your business invest in proper brand design.

Katie x

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