Droylsden Little Theatre | Logo Design

Updating & Modernising the Droylsden Little Theatre Logo

Droylsden Little Theatre Final Logo
Final Logo Design
Droylsden Little Theatre Logo on Mug Mockup
Logo Design on Mug
Droylsden Little Theatre Logo on display
Logo displayed on ticket office in the theatre

Droylsden Little Theatre (DLT) has an incredible history dating back to the 1920s.


My relationship with DLT started with my husband’s involvement. Both of us have always been interested in the performing arts and even met in a very badly staged production of A Christmas Carol (the back of the stage fell down one night).


I might be biased, but seriously these guys are in no way the stereotypical “Amateur” theatre most of us know. Apart from putting on incredible plays (I literally become a theatre widow 3 times a week) their passion is inspiring.


So when I was asked to help them modernise their logo I jumped at the chance!


Our initial discussion of how the logo should look immediately made me want to capture their history and professionalism. We both agreed that the “Manchester Bee” had been overdone and the logo needed to have longevity.


knew immediately that I wanted to capture their history and professionalism.


The theatre is situated in a building that has been built with the iconic red bricks synonymous with Manchester.


The purple font is the same shade of purple used in the theatre’s bar area and is also a colour used to represent creativity. Finally, to tie in their history the year they began is placed on one of the bricks.

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