Hiring a Logo Designer

The Inconvenience of hiring a Logo Designer

Hiring a Logo Designer? Urgh! With their i-Macs* and their “casual look” that shows they have been working from home much longer than the pandemic. They just draw for a living, yet they seem to demand payment for their designs. Thank god for Canva!

If you are still thinking of hiring a Logo Designer, then you need to read the points below and heed my warning and read on.

They ask you questions

The first thing you should know when hiring a Logo Designer is they ask questions. A lot of questions. They ask about your business, who your audience are, what kind of things you like. All you asked for was a logo and now you are getting the Spanish Inquisition!

You don’t get what you ask for – you get something so much better.

I know: what is the point in giving a brief (and it is brief) for the designer to go off and do something completely different? It represents your business perfectly, but it is not what you asked for. It’s simple, it’s effective and it’s timeless. Where is the Manager?!

You pay for their Experience

I reiterate my point above. They draw for a living, and they have been for a good 10+ years. Now they have the gall to ask for money for their skills. I mean, how hard can it really be to come up with a design with my (brief) brief, draw it, digitise it, understand my brand and my audience and format it so that it works regardless where I put it?

The Inconvenience of hiring a logo designer blog image

The Designer give you choices

Fuck me, I gave you a brief why have you now given me three different designs to chose from? I’m not starting a gallery, I just want a logo!

May I also point out that none of them look like the blurry picture I asked you to copy exactly which I sent to you in a word document…

There’s a description

Look, we aren’t in school anymore, there is no longer a requirement to show your working. But along with the choices I didn’t ask for there is a bloody description of why it fits with my brand perfectly.

It comes with an instruction manual

How precious are they? Look, I don’t even follow the washing icons on clothes what makes you think I’m going to follow this document telling me exactly what colours I can use for my brand, what size my logo can be and where to position it?

Look if you are still wanting to hire that designer, I can’t stop you. But I’ve given you a glimpse into their creative lives. And I should know, I AM a designer!

Katie x

*I just want to put it out there that I actually don’t use i-Macs, but for the interest of stereotyping it worked.

PPS: if you are really curious you can check out my latest logo design here.

PS: if you’re still not put off check out my Brand by Me package which can include logo design (and yes, you will get choices…sorry).

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