Brand Identity Service the Digital Fixers, image of computer with the Digital Fixers logo displayed on top

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Rebranding the unique: Creating an original brand for the Digital Fixers

I have been fortunate to work with the Digital Fixers before and so it was lovely to see that their business had grown so much that they were rebranding. 

The Digital Fixers are a North-West based company run by Lesley and Nic. Their aim is to help small businesses with all the technical jargon that bamboozles us (me included!) on a daily basis. 

They are the “go to girls” when you want to know about SEO, Googlies (their term), websites and anything else inbetween.

Project Included

Logo Design

Social Media Elements


Rebranding the Digital Fixers, new logo
Logo Design for the Digital Fixers

The Fixer’s persona is no-nonsense but friendly. They loved every colour under the sun (literally!) but we managed to settle on colours that appealed to their two main client bases: those who want to learn and those who want it done for them. In the logo we continued the digital theme from their original branding of their business cards.

Rebranding the Digital Fixers, the Visual Brand of the Digital Fixers
Visual Brand of the Digital Fixers