The International Retail Academy | Brand Identity

The International Retail Academy is a new business and the only company training and developing individuals to work in the Retail Sector.

Kayleigh is the happiest retailer on the planet. And it’s infectious. She has an incredible amount of experience in the Retail Industry.


She noticed that talented individuals were leaving the industry.  For some, a retail job was simply a form of income to support their studies or lifestyle. For others, it was the frustration of being unable to progress to make a career.


Kayleigh knows first-hand how amazing working in retail can be. Currently residing in the Netherlands, she has worked all over the world and has had some amazing opportunities. She wants others to experience the same success she had and so she started The International Retail Academy (TIRA).

When we started branding TIRA, we wanted to reflect Kayleigh’s positive personality and the prestige and professionalism that comes with an international company. We stuck with mainly blues and whites with a “pop” of yellow and pink.


With the logo the 3 rings represent the Company’s tagline: Learn, Grow, Succeed, with the “I” of the TIRA being at the centre of everything. The logo has been designed to be used by itself or with the Company name.

I loved working with Kayleigh and realising her vision for her company.

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