The Right Way to Sell in 2020

Selling is part of the parcel when you run your own business. Here is an example of how to sell, and how not to sell in 2020.

The Sales Pitch

Yesterday as I was working there was a knock on the door. Well, I say knock, more like a hammering.

Running down the stairs and moving the dog out of the way I open the door to find a burly man with a hi-vis jacket and shorts standing on my doorstep. He holds out a crumpled A5 flyer to me.

“We can clean your paving slabs.” He gruffly tells me as I unravel the flyer. “These bit’s here, we can get rid of” he scuffs some rebel grass growing in between the slabs to show me.

“And this here,” he points at the awning above the front door, “you need that cleaning too. We can do it now if you want. We’re just working around the corner and can give you a quote.”

“I’ll think about it.” I respond politely as I shut the door.

The Pain Point

The thing is, we do need our paving cleaning. It has been on a long list of household jobs that we have never managed to schedule in between work, looking after children, walking the dog, and a pandemic. Normally by the time the weekend comes all me and Mr Katie want to do is just watch Netflix and go to bed.

 The offer of doing it all for us was great.

Did I hire the burly hi-vis man with the gruff voice and pressure washer? No.

Pushy selling tactics never work with me. Ever.

Even the way the crumpled flyer was designed screamed that I needed to invest my hard earned money now. Right now. NOW!

When people try to push me into a direction that I haven’t decided I want to go in I push back. I am, by nature, stubborn and if I don’t want to do it you are going to have a hard time convincing me otherwise (my sons are learning this the hard way.)

If, however, burly hi-vis man had taken the time to even ask how I was I would have been more receptive to his offer.

This type of sales tactic will only work occasionally, with those who are either too polite or too scared to say no. When this happens, you are going to get a client who is going to be difficult to work with, difficult to get answers from and more than likely you will part ways both with the feeling of “thank God that’s over”.  

Getting to know you

When someone reaches out to work with me, I want to ensure that we are a good “fit”. Brand Identity takes time to implement properly so we both need to ensure that we can stick it out for the duration.

I do this by talking.

I have found that by talking, learning about your business, understanding where you want to go and how you want to succeed is a better approach than me shoving a price list in your face. Sometimes we can even find out other areas that I can help you with just by having a 30-minute chat.

The Right way to Sell having a chat  with a friend

And it is a great way too, for you to meet me and understand how I work. And if we aren’t a good fit then that’s fine – no money is lost, no tears have been shed, no 1-star reviews are required. Your valuable time has been saved.

If the burley hi-vis man had taken the time to understand my needs and potentially why we had rogue grass growing between the paving slabs I might have been more open to discussing a quote with him.

Talking to people and not treating everyone like a potential sale is – I feel – a much more successful way to run your business.

Katie x

PS: Want to find out if we “fit?” book in a chat with me!

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