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#wemakeevents is highlighting how much the pandemic has impacted the events industry

On Monday during Brand news on What the (Actual) Font?! I spoke about the impact that the COVID pandemic is having on two industries that I have worked for and love – the Events Industry and the Creative Industry.


Before setting up Brand by Katie, I worked in the Events Industry for over 8 years. It is now heart-breaking to see such a vibrant and amazing industry slowly breaking. I have friends and colleagues who do not know whether they will have a job to go to by the end of this. Some of them have already lost their jobs. 


Having been made redundant I know how horrendous it is and this is not a post about me saying “pick yourself off and get going”. This is me saying that these industries need our help. 


Within the Events Industry, the number 1 priority was ensuring people’s safety. I think that some level of live events can be done safely, and I know as soon as they are given the go ahead they will ensure that it is. 


If you want live events to continue, to go out to shows, attend festivals then you need to use your voice and support this industry. 


In the video I also talk about the Creative Industry. Once again this industry has been tarnished with the “we don’t contribute to the UK Economy” brush. Not only do we contribute, but we are involved in so many areas: creating shows for Netflix, creating diagrams for the news to make data easily digestible, the PMs podium image of Hands.Face.Space. 


Both of these industries need our support now. Please join me and use your voice. 



Katie x



Events Industry Exhibition Economic Impact

Creative Industry Economic Impact

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