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What is a Brand Designer?

A Brand Designer sounds nice, but what is it?

Nowadays you can get some amazing job titles – Chocolate Taster and Bed Tester are on my bucket list to achieve but for now I am a Brand Designer. It sounds nice, it invites questions – but what the hell is it?

Brand for Business

I create the visual identity of your business – your logo, your business cards, your promotional material. Having a visual identity for your business is important, especially if you are not there in person to represent your business. Think about the Golden Arches – I haven’t even mentioned that it’s MacDonalds (until now!) but you immediately started thinking about Big Macs and Happy Meals.

Why Hire Me?

When it comes to brand I mam a bit of a geek – I love the psychology behind how brand works (such as the arrow going between the “A” and “Z” in Amazon, meaning they stock everything from “A” to “Z”) and why people go for certain brands over others.

My design experience stems from my BA(Hons) Animation degree and I have also worked in the Art Department on a TV Production.

I was the Marketing Co-Ordinator for my University Drama Society (have you ever tried to engage  students in the Amateur Dramatics? It’s hard!) and also for raising money for Oxfam

You sound amazing! How can I work with you?

Oh please you are making me blush 😊! However, if you do want to want to work with me you can contact me and we can have a chat. If you want to see some of my work you can view it on the homepage.

Katie x

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